Last Minute Submission

As I lay me down tonight,
I pray the Lord doesn’t force me to write.
Because I forgot a pen,
And I’m already tucked in!
But I committed to 30 poems,
And I’m only 2 days in!

So I’ll write more tomorrow, 
About the church or the joys of sin,
But I’ll keep THIS post short,
So I can at least say I squeezed one in. 


ABC Lament

After an Attack – After an Antagonistic Actor Acts
Atrociously and Atrocities Abound,
We’re Bowed by Brutality,
Boldly Bawling beside Bloody Bodies,
Bringing but Brokenness,
Because Beauty was Broken by Catastrophe.
Civilians Caught in Chaos,
Citizens Crying Can’t Concentrate or
Comprehend the Death and Destruction.
Dealing with Difficulty
Dreams Dastardly Dashed and Demolished
Dads and Daughters Descending to Depression
Disbelieving Divine Direction,
Doubting Divine Dependability,
Declaring Demands,
Expecting Evasion.
Eventually Even Easy Everyday Expectations
Escape Feasibility
As Fear and Frustration
Fluctuate and Frustrate their Flight Forward.
God, oh God, oh God –
Great God,
Giver of Good Gifts and Grace,
Give Healing.
Hear Heavy Hearts,
Help the Hurt and Hopeless,
Hear & Help & Heal.

IF Jesus IS Just,
IF Jesus IS Invested,
IF Jesus INTENDS Justice,
IF Jesus IS
King, Lord Magnificent,
Never Not Near,
Oh Omnipresent, Omnipotent,
Omniscient One,
Pray Quickly Return Strength To Us – Victims & Witnesses.
We eXpectantly Yearn,
Awaiting an Answer,
Bowing Before a Broken,
Crucified Christ.

One eXvangelical Poet | Thirty Poems

Thanks for joining me for National Poetry Writing Month! I’ve accepted the challenge of 30 Poems in 30 Days!

These poems are unwritten as of yet; but don’t be surprised if themes of RELIGIOUS EXILE slip in as I reconstruct my deconstructed evangelical faith!

“I wonder as I wander Wild Worlds, will my Wants outweigh what Worry wanes within my mind; or shall Fear force faint Wishes from my heart?”

— Robbie Hurlocker, from “Weighing the Consequences”, circa 2005



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